Late last week, Jokerit and Lokomotiv went head-to-head in the KHL and things got out of hand in the second period.

Already trailing 3-0 in the game nearing the end of the second period, Chicago Blackhawks prospect Artur Kayumov tried to get Lokomotiv back into the game before the intermission but ended up hurting his team more than he helped them.

Not only did Kayumov make a poor choice by hitting Jesper Jensen while he had his head down and back to the puck, but he added to the whole situation by smoking one of the officials right in the face with a punch and then attempted to get the crowd pumped up as he was escorted off the ice. 

On Sunday, the KHL officially punished the 20-year-old Blackhawks prospect by handing him a 13-game suspension, as well as a $6,000 fine.

This season, Kayumov has four goals and 11 points to go with 55 penalty minutes in 35 games.

(H/T Twitter/khl_eng)