Alex Ovechkin is a Stanley Cup Champion, and oh boy, is he ever a good one. 

How can you not smile seeing the Russian sniper hoisting his elusive first Cup? The man plays with more emotion than just about anyone in the league, and there's certainly nobody that enjoys winning more than the Great 8. 

Put it all together and you already knew Ovi's night was going to be wild, it already had all the elements. He had just won his most sought after trophy with the team he's been through thick and thin with, and on top of that they just so happened to be in the party capital of America - Los Vegas. 

Even though the craziness was predictable, it was still entertaining to watch nonetheless. One highlight of the night came when Ovi joined DJ superstar Tiesto on stage to hoist the cup above his head once again. 



Ovechkin brought the Cup on stage with @tiesto 😂😂 . (Via: Twitter/LasagnaLiana)

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That was just one moment from the crazy night, but it also saw him drinking from the cup like an absolute boss, not to mention the beginning where fans were treated to one of the most impassioned renditions of We Are The Champions that you will ever hear. 



Ovi drinking from the Cup at a club in Vegas 🍾 🎉 . (Via: @nastyashubskaya)

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Sing it loud and proud, #Capitals! • (🎥: @capitals)

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Even if you don't consider yourself a Caps fan, it was hard not to be an Ovi fan Thursday night. He did it, he finally did it!

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