The Calgary Flames hosted the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night and even though the two sides don’t exactly have bad blood with each other, some fans took advantage of the Bruins’ lone visit to the Scotiabank Saddledome and found a way to take shots at Brad Marchand.

Marchand has earned quite the reputation throughout the NHL in recent years, with one of the most recent things being the fact that he licks his opponents in the middle of games as a way to get them riled up. One fan took this and ran with it and brought a giant Marchand head cut out to the game and went around pretending to lick fans in the concourse.

It’s a little terrifying to look at, but the Flames fans walked right by it and through the pretend tongue with not much confusion on their face. It almost seemed like it was a normal thing for them. Marchand ended up scoring a goal in the Bruins’ lone visit to Calgary, but the Flames got the final laugh as their three goals in the first period were more than enough to lift them to a 5-2 victory.



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