Just about everyone has clicked on one of those online quizzes that tell you which character you are from your favourite show or movie at some point in their life and now the New Jersey Devils want fans to take the quiz to find out which Devils player they are.

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Some of the Devils players decided to have some fun with the quiz and wanted to see if they would get themselves.

Goalie Keith Kinkaid gave it a shot and passed it with flying colours.

However, 27-year-old Adam Henrique didn’t do too well on the test, as it turns out not even he makes a good Adam Henrique.

The Devils’ social team came across Henrique’s results and responded with a fantastic tweet.

We’re not sure what answers Henrique entered, but they clearly weren’t the right ones since he didn’t even end up with himself as the final  result.

(H/T Twitter/AdamHenrique)