Everything is just dandy in Ovi-land, with the Washington Capitals securing their franchise first Stanley Cup and Alex Ovechkin finally removing the long-attached monkey from his back. Let the celebrations ensue.

While some celebration include partying on the Las Vegas Strip with Tiesto, drinking out of the cup, and singing We Are The Champions in the locker room with such passion it challenges Freddy Mercury himself, the festivities made their way to Nationals Park for the Saturday afternoon tilt between the San Francisco Giants and the Washington Nationals.

The ceremonial first pitch was thrown by none other than Washington’s favourite hockey player, Alex Ovechkin. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as he may have hoped. In fact, he air mailed it over Caps fan Max Scherzer so badly they gave him a second chance.



#Ovi balks, then delivers a pitch so bad he had to try again (📽: Darren M. Haynes)

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Oh, don’t forget that he also balked. Though it does seem like Ovi and the rest of the Caps are having a great time at the ballpark. A nice change of pace from playoff hockey.


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