Frederik Andersen is one of three Toronto Maple Leafs players named to the All-Star team this season, and he’s one of 20 players who will be making their NHL All-Star Game debut this weekend.

Since this is Andersen’s first time as an All-Star, the 30-year-old decided to get a special mask for the weekend and it features his two teammates who were also selected as all-stars this season.

One side of Andersen’s mask features a shot of him and Matthews stretching during warm-ups, while the other side is a shot of him and Marner celebrating a victory.

Andersen won’t be the only goalie participating in the All-Star Game who will be rocking a mask featuring some of his teammates, as Jordan Binnington did something similar with his mask for the big game.


Jordan Binnington’s All-Star mask is pretty sweet. 🎺"" . (🎥: @daveart)

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It should be a fun weekend for everyone involved!

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