The NFL is taking Winnipeg for the week, when the Green Bay Packers take on the Oakland Raiders in preseason action on Thursday.

Since it’s not every day the NFL makes a trip north of the border, some of the players might not be fully prepared for their quick trip to Winnipeg. Luckily for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, he was fully prepared thanks to our man Cabbie as he arrived ready to go in his best Canadian tuxedo.

In case you forgot, the two-time NFL MVP became a Canadian – sort of – a few years ago when he was traded to Canada in exchange for Michael Bublé, Shawn Mendes, Jonathan Toews and a comedian to be named later. To welcome Rodgers to the country, Cabbie got him off to a nice start by providing him with a Rush T-shirt, a lumberjack plaid jacket with a hat to match and a custom Canadian tuxedo.

Maybe Rodgers can also get the crowd going at Investors Group Field by convincing the arena to drop beer prices for Thursday’s game. It’s the first ever NFL game in Winnipeg, after all! Gotta get the fans fired up.

(H/T Instagram/aaronrodgers12)