The Dallas Cowboys signed DeMarcus Lawrence to a massive five-year, $105 million contract this past April, making the 27-year-old the second-highest paid defensive end in the NFL behind Aaron Donald.

On Sunday, the Cowboys opened their season at home against the New York Giants. At some point in the day, a young fan decked out in Giants gear, including a Saquon Barkley jersey, approached Lawrence and asked for his autograph and it did not go the way he expected it to go.

Not only did Lawrence stare at the young Giants fan and shut him down, but he replied with, “Get the right jersey, son.” Before getting into the van and driving off.

The video made its rounds online pretty quickly on Tuesday morning, and it didn’t take long for Lawrence to defend his actions as he explained why he turned down the fan’s autograph request.

A lot of fans have attacked Lawrence for not signing an autograph for the young man, but there’s also a lot of fans who agree with what he did and don’t think he had to sign the autograph just because it was a kid asking for it.

(H/T Twitter/TankLawrence)