The 2018-19 NHL season was a big one for Robin Lehner, both on and off the ice.

The netminder won a career-high 25 games and captured the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, but he also celebrated the one-year anniversary of his sobriety and became a voice for hockey fans living with a mental illness.

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old unveiled his new mask that he’ll rock with the Chicago Blackhawks and it includes a very important message for fans facing their own challenges in life.


#RobinLehner unveiled his new mask with a very important message.

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Lehner explained the #SameHere message that he included on his new mask in a tweet and it’s something that everyone should read.

“#SameHere is an expression which means: I’ve faced challenges in life too. Those challenges have affected my mental health. It’s a sign that we hope will unite the world to once and for all, normalize how universal this topic is.”

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Last year, Lehner opened up about his struggle to combat his bipolar disorder, depression, and an alcohol dependency, which eventually led to the design he now rocks on his mask.


Robin Lehner knew what he wanted on his new New York Islanders mask. It was truly special for me to paint this for my friend Robin🙏🏻. He wanted to tell the story about his reality. He wanted the mask to be named My Reality. Robin and I have been working together since Robin was a kid💪🏻. Robin wanted the mask to tell the story about the hell he has been through. You can read his brave story at The Athletic, about mental illness, bipolar diagnosis, suicide thoughts, anxiety, addiction, panic attacks. Now Robin´s new life starts for him and his family and he wanted the mask to testify of his new life☀️. The top of the mask describes how Robin´s reality has been for years... The most important part of mask is the sides, there is the sun at dawn☀️, describing the start of the new life for Robin when he decided to seek help for himself and his family and also follow Jesus and get baptised🙏🏻. It is so brave by Robin to tell his story to help other people. I am so impressed by you Robin. You also made me stronger with your story. This painting was extra emotional for me to create because since I was a kid I also have been fighting anxiety, panic attacks, OCD… And just as Robin I have seeked for help and found strength in my family and God🙏🏻 @robinlehner40 @ny_islanders @nhl @daveart

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As Lehner proved over the last year, no task is too daunting to overcome.

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